Gastric Bypass Abroad

Gastric Bypass is the most demanded and the most performed operation for the weight-loss. Doctors working for•Jinemed have performed about 150 Gastric Bypass Operations throughout their career.

The used technique is called Roux-en-Y gastric bypass.

In this technique, the sutrgeon creates a second stomach which has a reduced size and volume of•30-50 milliliters. This volume is smaller than a glass of tea. The rest of the main stomach stays there passively. Following this, a connection is done between the new-small stomach and the small-intestine.•The liquids of the Pankreas and the Gallbladder are removed further away which allows the manipulation•to reduce•the "digesting" of the foods. These new ways are called "Anastomoz". There could be leaks  in these new ways which is detrimental. We perform an endoscopic air test which allows us to spot these leaks. This resembles to to check the tires of a car under the water. In our surgeries, there was no leak until today. It is possible that there is a leak upto 3% in this surgery. In such a case, the patient is not given food and is being kept waiting. Rarely, laparoscopy should be done.

This method is used widely because 70-80% of the excess weight of the patient can be discharged within several years.
For example, lets say a patient is 170 KG. Lets assume that the ideal weight shall be 70 KG. This means that 100 KG is excess.
With the Gastric Bypass operation70-80 KG of weight can be discharged. So that the patient could weigh 90-100 KG.Some patients can•lose even more weight than this but eating habbits are important after the operation. A dietary programm shall continue.

What kind of problems can occur after the operation ?

After the operation, a great part of the stomach and 2 meters of •the intestines are left in a passive position. The goal of the
bypas is to reduce the digestion of the foods. This also may allow the reduction of the digestion of some materials that are
necessary for the body. Affected materials are B12 Vitamin, Calcium and• FE.• Vitamin B 12 requires the enzym Instrinsic Factor
which is discharged from the stomach. Vitamin B12 shall be injected monthly after the operation to the patient. Also daily vitamin support and calcium support •shall be given. If the patient is followed up closely, then these situations wont cause problems.

Is there a gurantee to lose weight after the Gastric Bypass ?

It is not possible to say that all operations will reach 100% success. Technical mistakes in the surgeries can give unexpected results such as very low weight-loss or no weight loss at all. If the passive stomach is too big in size, if the "way" between the new stomach and the small intestine is too wide, if the bypassed intestine is too short, then weight loss happens difficulty.
Therefore it is important that the patient is analyzed carefully and experienced doctors are chosen.We require the patients to be in Istanbul for 2 weeks before they leave to their country.