I have been to Jinemed Hospital regarding a balloon treatment with Dr Serdar Aksoy. The operation was not even a surgery. It was simple and finished up all quickly. The only downside of it is the dizziness that goes on for a while after the procedure. Once that was passed, i felt good again. The balloon is still in me and i am eating less now. Therefore i believe that it is working. Regarding the faciliy, Jinemed doesnt even seem to be like a hospital. It is more like a luxurious hotel with smiling personnel, and caring doctors. You have help from Ugur and Romina , the patient coordinators, whenever you want. You can call them even in a taxi asking directions :) Whatever the result of the operation is, i recommend Jinemed Hospital for the balloon treatment.  One thing is for sure that you will get a good service.

A.D- London-Balloon Treatment